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OV132 - My Mother's Secret
by Donna Wright

An inspirational children’s book written for those grieving the loss of a loved one. A must-have book for libraries, schools, religious organizations, youth groups and home book collections! It is a story that inspires the young/young-at-heart!
1423 - Fluffy Love: Helping children deal
with the loss of a pet by Eve Shavatt

The death or loss of any type of pet can be very traumatic to a child. This is a hands-on, interactive workbook with suggestions and activities to be done in the book itself, helping kids make their way through the grieving process to find healing.
OV102 - Forever in My Heart
By Chelsea Hanson - this inspirational booklet is a moving sympathy gift for anyone who has suffered a loss. When you don’t know how to help someone who is grieving, let the words of peace and comfort in this booklet do it for you.
OV106 - Peace Beyond Understanding
Consoling One Another

By Terence P. Curley - the book includes Scripture suggestions, prayers for special circumstance, phases of grief, how to help children grieve a loss, cremation and important insights on what a Catholic funeral means.
OV110 - Arise and Walk: A Christian Grieving Guide DVD
By Terence P. Curley - Fr. Curley's video presentation in four parts is a valuable tool for coping with and finding meaning while we go through grief. Looking at our lives and spiritually charting our journey through grief is essential for holy and health
OV105 - Console One Another
A Guide for Christian Funerals

By Terence P. Curley - this book is attentive to the special circumstances surrounding the deaths of children, accidental deaths, AIDS-related deaths, suicides and death after a long illness.
OV111 - Journey to Healing: A Ministry for the Bereaved

By Terence P. Curley - In this reflective, prayerful DVD, Fr. Terence Curley outlines for the bereaved, creative ways to place loss into the context of faith. The grief-stricken are provided with ways to express and manage loss with the best approaches av
OV113 - Healing the Broken-Hearted
Consoling the Grief-Stricken

By Terence P. Curley - The topics chosen for this book seek to help both the bereaved and ministers come to grips with grief and the need for its transformation.
1396 - OVERSTOCK SALE! Be Not Afraid
By Johann Christoph Arnold - the book offers the assurance that even in an age of anxiety, you can live life to the fullest and meet death with confidence.
Soft cover, 202 pages
OV115 - Planning the Catholic Funeral
By Terence P. Curley - This guide familiarizes you with the different liturgical roles and decisions you will want to know about in planning a Catholic funeral. Awareness of the meaning and significance of your role and family members are covered.
3000 - Holiday Issue (2005 Edition)
The full-color Holiday issue of Living With Loss Magazine. A gift that keeps on giving - holiday after holiday.
1330 - OVERSTOCK SALE! I Ain't Mad at Nobody
By Pat Page
Pat's recollections of his childhood during the Great Depression years in Yutan, Nebraska, give us reason to chuckle and appreciate how our lives have changed (but not necessarily improved) in the last sixty or seventy years.