Cards: 1230 - "The Elephant in the Room" Postcard

"We talk about weather.
We talk about work.
We talk about everything else
Except the elephant in the room."

One of the verses from our new postcard
"The Elephant in the Room".

New - 1st in the postcard series from Bereavement Publications, Inc. This is one of the most beloved poems of our readers for many years and addresses the issue of discussing grief together. Now available in a postcard format. Send one today at this affordable postcard and postage price to someone you love.

Dark blue type and graphics on brilliant 65# white card stock.
Space for your personal message on the back.

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Price: $1.20
Quantity Discounts: 20 or more, $1.15 each
30 or more, $1.10 each
40 or more, $1.05 each
50 or more, $1.00 each
60 or more, $0.95 each
70 or more, $0.90 each
80 or more, $0.85 each
90 or more, $0.80 each
100 or more, $0.75 each
Size: 4 x 6
Color: Reflex Blue