Living With Loss™ Magazine Reprint Policy


The use of our editorial material from the previously published Living With Loss™ Magazine and Bereavement Magazine is strictly intended for support groups and may be reprinted under the following conditions: You may as a support group leader or facilitator, photocopy directly from this publication the page(s) in which the article appears with a maximum number of 20 copies per article/poem. These copies are intended to be used as handouts. To maintain the integrity of the author’s work, no excerpts, rewrites or exclusions are permitted. The reprint permission reference appears on each page and must be included on the photocopy. No profit may be made from the distribution of the material.

If additional photocopies after the gratis 20 quantity is desired, then please request a Copyright Permissions Request Form from us, complete the form and return to Bereavement Publications, Inc. If permission is granted, the photocopies will be made by Bereavement Publications, Inc. and a charge of $.50 per article/poem multiplied by the number of sets granted permission will be charged along with the appropriate shipping and handling fees.

Requests for reprints in newsletters must also be submitted for review and consideration to Bereavement Publications, Inc. with a Copyright Permissions Request Form. If permission is granted, a charge of $.50 per page of the article/poem, multiplied by the number of newsletters published will be charged to the consumer. Payment must be made in advance and a pdf. file of the newsletter must be sent and approved by Bereavement Publications, Inc before newsletters are mailed.

You may request a Copyright Permissions Request Form by calling 1-888-604-4673 or by downloading the pdf file on our website at

Reprints in brochures, books, booklets or on websites are prohibited. The reproduction or publication of our e-magazine in any other form, including electronic magazines, newsletters, announcements, links and other websites is strictly prohibited. Mass forwarding and mass e-mailing of our e-magazine is not allowed. The reproduction in any form of any Bereavement Publications, Inc product i.e. booklets, cards, compilations, calendars and books is strictly prohibited.

Thank you for respecting our writers, photographers, artists and their work by adhering to our policy. We appreciate your compliance and support in sharing our material.

Thank you,
Wag’s World Publishers, Inc.

Download Reprint Request Form here.

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