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OV121 - Finding Your Own Way to Grieve
by Karla Helbert

This book explains death in concrete terms that the child with autism will understand, explores feelings that the child may encounter as a part of bereavement, and offers creative and expressive activities that facilitate healing.
OV130 - Reflections from Beyond
by CJ Golden

In Golden's inspirational biography, Reflections From Beyond, author and subject share powerful messages for anyone who is facing death, whether it is through the horrors of tragedy or coming to terms with the inevitablity of their own passing.
1304 - When Your Pet Dies
by Alan D. Wolfelt, Ph.D.

A guide to mourning, remembering and healing. Compassionate support and practical suggestions to help you understand pet loss.
Soft cover, 79 pages
OV104 - Grief Behind Bars
by Rev. Dan Newman, Ph.D., DD

A new book that looks at grieving for families, inmates, professionals and those on death row.
OV118 - Raising Our Children to Be Resilient
by Linda Goldman

This is a guide to helping children cope with trauma in today's world. Linda Goldman addresses the many frightening events that impact our children by providing the reader with a seamless mixture of theory and practice from her extensive experience.
OV131 - Challenging the Landscape of Loss
by Fr. Terence P. Curley

“Challenging The Landscape of Loss: Why what we’ve been told about grief doesn’t help” replaces the popular concept of "finding closure” by outlining the benefit of creating enduring bonds with our loved ones.
OV116 - Pinky Swear
Honoring My Daughter's Right to Die by Persis Oberreither

After her daughter's devastating brain injury, the author makes a promise that will pit her against attachments, instinct and "even God Himself."
1303 - Healing Your Grieving Heart for Teens
by Alan D. Wolfelt, Ph.D.

A journal for teenagers designed to help them sort through difficult thoughts and emotions.
Soft cover, 128 pages
1399- New! Living With Loss Magazine
Holiday Compilation Best of 2006-2011

THE BEST SELLING BOOK IN OUR HISTORY! Revised to now include 2011 holiday articles. An excellent compilation of articles and poems about coping with grief and loss during the holidays from our many columnists featured in Living With Loss ™ Magazine.
1378 - Helping Teens Cope With Death
by Dougy Center for Grieving Children

This book explains common grief reactions of teenagers and offers advice on supporting grieving teens.
1381 - Creating Meaningful Funeral Ceremonies
by Alan D. Wolfelt, Ph.D.

This compassionate, friendly workbook affirms the importance of the personalized funeral ritual and helps families create a ceremony that will be both healing and meaningful for years to come. For families, clergy, celebrants, funeral directors...
1382 - Healing Your Grieving Heart for Teens
by Alan D. Wolfelt Ph.D.

This book is a lifeline for grieving teens. It reminds the teen that he must express his grief to heal and then shows him how to mourn. It will teach the teen how to live and love well again.
Soft cover, 128 pages