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Books: OV128 - Living With Loss, One Day at a Time
by Rachel Blythe Kodanaz

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Living with Loss, One Day at a Time provides 365 lessons and thoughts to get your day started. Each day focuses on life rather than death, embracing and remembering the happy and healthy days of loved ones while incorporating the loss into daily lives. These lessons and thoughts provide hope, optimism, coaching, introspection, self-discovery
and renewal.

Rachel Blythe Kodanaz has inspired thousands of people with her unique blend of presentations, workshops, and publications. Her authentic, down to earth messages are sure to inspire you to learn, laugh, and love. Kodanaz offers daily encouragement to individuals who have lost a loved one. The short entries are easy to read and give realistic, practical advice to guide readers through each day. This book focuses on how to embrace the happy days of life with their loved one.

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Price: $15.95