Bereavement Publications, Inc. Children’s Books

OV132 - My Mother's Secret
by Donna Wright

An inspirational children’s book written for those grieving the loss of a loved one. A must-have book for libraries, schools, religious organizations, youth groups and home book collections! It is a story that inspires the young/young-at-heart!
1423 - Fluffy Love: Helping children deal
with the loss of a pet by Eve Shavatt

The death or loss of any type of pet can be very traumatic to a child. This is a hands-on, interactive workbook with suggestions and activities to be done in the book itself, helping kids make their way through the grieving process to find healing.
1384 - Tear Soup
by Chuck DeKlyen & Pat Schwiebert
A whimsical, but practical metaphor for grief. A charming story for "kids" of all ages.